Unable to roll back VAT

I’m entering back-dated information for a new client (firebyrd.quickfile.co.uk) and need to roll back a VAT return. When I click on view there is no roll-back option button - have used this before with no problem for a previous client so not sure what I have done differently on this one.

Was this VAT return submitted to HMRC electronically from Quick File? If so then the rollback button is hidden, we can roll it back on our side if you can confirm the return dates and the net amount in box 5.

Although the account was set up to file electronically, I unticked the box to do so before I clicked submit. There are two returns that need to be rolled back - the box 5 amounts are 1015.56 for return to end Nov return and 2232.17 for the end Aug one . Thanks for the speedy response.

I just had a chat with our engineer on this. Apparently the button is hidden if the VAT settings are configured to link to HMRC electronically. To rollback simply disable the online filing in the VAT settings.

Now rollback any returns that you need to (must be rolled back sequentially latest to earliest). Then re-enable the online filing, you shouldn’t need to re-enter the credentials.

Hope that helps!

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