Unable to Search for Duplicates in live streams


I have a live stream from my bank account and a live stream from my payment methods - Stripe and Paypal. Payouts to my bank accounts are appearing on both sides but when I try to tag the payouts either on my bank account (i.e. receiving from Stripe or Paypal) or on Stripe or Paypal on Banking and click ‘transfer between accounts’ the duplicate is not found. If I then tag it as a transfer a duplicate is created which results in the wrong balance.

Advise would be appreciated here!

Thanks, Lou

Hi @Louise1

This is probably happening due to a difference in the date of the funds being transferred and the funds arriving.

What you may wish to do in this case is to ignore the payouts for both PayPal and Stripe, and just tag them from the bank side when they actually arrive.

You can disable the PayPal ones by going to your PayPal bank account, clicking More Options >> Feed Settings and ticking “Ignore Payouts”

With Stripe, this can be found by going to Account Settings >> Manage Payment Options:

Thank you! I’ll give that a try.

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