Unable to select year end date for Year End Journals

I am trying to close the year ending 31/12/2013 but this date does not appear in the dropdown list for “Year Ending”. I think the reason might be as follows:

  • We changed our accounting year end from 31 May to 31 December. For this reason there are two sets of accounts for 2013, one ending on 31 May and a short 7 month period ending on 31 December.

  • The year ending 31 May was closed and a year end journal for it appears in the system. There is no year end journal for 31 Dec 2013 (i.e. this confirms I think that the 31 Dec period has not already been closed).

  • In the dropdown list for “Year Ending” the only option displayed is 31 December 2014, and I can’t manually change this to 31 December 2013.

I assume that the system thinks that year 2013 has been closed, because of the journal dated 31 May 2013. It doesn’t pick up the fact that our accounting year end has been changed to 31 December and that the date of the last journal doesn’t match this.

If this is the explanation I find it understandable. But my question is: is there any way to override the year ending option that is presented (change it from 31 Dec 2014 to 31 Dec 2013)? If not I am assuming that I will have to construct the year end journal manually, which could be painful!

Thanks in advance for your help.

What’s your “Next Year End Date” saved as in Account Settings >> Company Settings?

The “Next Year End Date” was set to 31/12/2014. I have tried adjusting it backwards to 31/12/2013. If you do this, save the data, and then try the Year End process again you then get NO options in the “Year ending” dropdown list.

I tried that earlier, and have just repeated it again to check what happens. It’s as if the system thinks that the 2013 year end option is already “used up”.

For the moment I’ve reverted the “Next Year End Date” was to 31/12/2014 but will change it back again to 2013 if you ask me to…

Yes I see the issue there and it is failing to show due to the two periods in the same year.

What I’ve done for you as not to hold you up is I have manually created the year-end journal for 31/12/2013. You can now go in and edit that journal as you see fit.

If you get stuck with anything of have any doubts please reply here or send me a private message.

In the mean time I have reported this anomaly to the development team.

I’m exceedingly grateful to you for doing this to keep me going. I can just about cope with journals but find them a bit challenging, so your help is much appreciated.