Unable to set up new landlord profile for Affinity

I am trying to create a new profile in affinity as a landlord account. I input all the details in the first page. Then when entered I come to the page to fill in address etc. but at the top it says “business name is missing” but there is no field on this page or the previous one to fill in business name. What am I doing wrong?

Hi @RichHunt

Please accept our apologies for this. I have raised this with the development team so they can investigate further.

In the meantime, do you have another email address you could use to set it up as a new account and then link it to the Affinity platform?

Hi Mathew

Very positive to have such quick response - thanks for that.

Yes I can do it that way and will (but then I did not need the Affinity platform…).

But - very positive so far on use of Quickfile

Best Regards

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Hello @RichHunt

Just to let you know the issue “Unable to set up new landlord profile for Affinity” has now been resolved.