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Unable to specify Invoice Number with API

I am using an external system to generate invoices and have set up a script to generate the required XML.
There is not a field available to specify the invoice number on the API ‘invoice_create’ schema so the invoice numbers are automatically generated and do not match the invoice numbers generated by my invoicing system.
Can you suggest any way I can get round this ?
PS: I notice that it is possible to specify the invoice number when importing invoices via a csv file.

Hi @Stewart

You can specify your own invoice number if you wish - it comes under “scheduling”. It’s done this way as the same method can be used for invoices, recurring invoices and estimates:

It’s worth bearing in mind though, that when you create an invoice and let the number be automatically generated, it will take the last number and add 1 to it. So if you are using 2 different invoice numbering, just bear in mind that this may cause a problem with the autonumbering.

Hope this helps!

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Great - I didn’t spot that.
Thank you for your prompt reply.

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