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Unable to submit a MTD return for a different organisation

i thought i had set up an account correctly, but not done so. The user name is gbservices but
on trying to submit MTD account for somebody it got rejected. and came back as if i was trying to submit gbservices . Don,t know what to do next to correct this.

Cheers Geoff

Got your e-mail will one of the support team please contact me. Cheers Geoff


I just wanted to clarify a few things here if I may, and we’ll see how we can help you further.

What type of account are you trying to set up? Initially I assumed a standard QuickFile account, but given you tried to submit MTD for “somebody”, I’m wondering if it’s an Affinity account?

What email are you referring to here?

i am trying to submit MTD for 3 different social clubs. They dont even have a computer. I used to submit there Vat before MTD. But when i tried to submit to gov it came up as G.B.Services i am not even vat registered. cheers

Typically a QuickFile account would represent one organisation. If the QuickFile account is set up as “GB Services”, which is what I believe you’re saying, then you would need a second account.

You should be keeping all financial records for each separate, which would also make it easier in the event of an inspection from HMRC.

Ok i get what you mean how do i cancel G.B.Services and set up 3 different accounts and are they £45.00 each per year. Thanks Mathew for trying to help
Cheers Geoff

If you are acting on behalf of your clients (as an accountant, bookkeeping or assistant - whatever the role may be), you’re probably better of going for Affinity, which will work out more cost effective.

There’s an overview on Affinity here: QuickFile Affinity overview

Regardless of how you use the individual accounts (for full record keeping or just submitting VAT returns via the bridging module), it will work out more cost effective.

To close an account, you can use the “Clear data” option: How do I clear my account?

I don’t think you should be submitting vat returns for any socials clubs if you don’t even know to keep records seperate. God only knows what those vat entries are or how wrong they might be. Please please tell them to get an accountant.

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