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How do I clear my account?


Deleting purchases, sales, suppliers and customers

QuickFile has a built in Account Clearing tool that enables you to roll-back the account to the state when the account was originally opened. You can find this tool in the Account Settings area under the option 'Clear all data in your account':

The account clearing screen looks like below:

You have the option to delete all the information but leave the client and supplier records intact. The account clearing procedure will not remove any invoice and system design changes you have made.

*Please be advised, the account clearing procedure cannot be reversed therefore exercise caution when using this tool!

Permanently deleting your QuickFile account

We're always disappointed to hear when someone decides to close their QuickFile account. When using the account wipe facility as described above you can opt to have your account permanently deleted by making one additional selection. When you then run the delete procedure your account will be purged and then closed.

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