Unable to submit VAT Return

My VAT will not submit,(not filing online, we file direct with HMRC) I have checked start dates, company settings, lock period etc. The return was rolled back. does this make any difference?
The VAT is correct, the period is correct, as soon as I click submit, it goes through the motions, but does not give me the saved confirmation, it is not saved in the submitted list, and I don’t receive any error message. please advise.

Just noticed that the VAT is only having trouble with a particular month, it will process returns up to this date, then nothing. Need advice asap as I cannot proceed with accounts and also is there I way of checking the data integrity.

Can you let us know your initial VAT Periods:

  1. 01/01/XX TO 31/03/XX

  2. ETC…

You can download the VAT backing report to check the information to be submitted:

Initial VAT period is 01/01/2012 to 31/03/2012, start date 01/01/2012. that one submitted fine.

Second period 01/04/2012-30/06/2012, I can process the return 01/04/2012-31/05/2012 and this submits fine,

for some reason it will not submit a return that includes info from 01/06/2012-30/06/2012.

I have checked the VAT settings and these are all correct.

Can you please try now and let us know if you have any further problems.

all sorted, thank you

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