Unable to take payments via GoCardless despite having authorised DD set up

Everytime I try to take payment for an invoice where the customer’s account already has a pre-authorized GoCardless payment set up, I get the following error;

“The payment request was not successful. Please try again later.”

I’ve tried cancelling and authorizing the DD again and also deleting the invoice and creating a new one - all don’t work.

Am I likely to be missing something obvious here?


Yes certainly!

Account is: hfcsystems.quickfile.co.uk
Invoice is: 1000002

Thanks for your help!

It’s not obvious by the message but there is a minimum limit for Direct Debits with GoCardless of £1.

This invoice is 96p so it’s getting rejected by GoCardless.

Bingo! Hit the nail on the head there Glenn.

That’ll teach me to try and use such a small amount as a test payment!

All appears to be working fine now :smile:

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