Unable to unattach file


I have a file which is supposed to be attached to a recent invoice. However, it’s been accidently tagged against an old invoice (one where the file was deleted in the issues a while back). I can’t see a way of untagging it, so I’ve tried deleting it from within the invoice:

I then get this, as per normal:

and I click “OK”, and the file disappears.

However, when I refresh the page, the file reappears attached!

We’ll take a look at that now and report back.

Great - thanks Glenn. For reference, the purchase I was trying to delete the file from is ‘QF00223’ and is as pictured above (company name blocked out)

Thanks Mathew, we’ve replicated it so we’ll see what’s causing this and implement a fix now.

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OK we’ve now fixed this issue, it appears to have been caused by a recent change in the code. We’ve removed the file now and the issue should not reoccur. Thanks for letting us know!

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No problem at all - thank you for the swift resolution :slight_smile:

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