Unable to upload newer Microsoft Office documents in Year-End Workspace area

We are currently using QuickFile’s Year End workspace service to interact with our new accountants, @FaradayKeynes, and we noticed we’re unable to upload newer Microsoft Office documents:

Microsoft Office 2007 and upwards defaults to a newer standard of Office documents, which all have file extensions ending in “x”, for example, a Microsoft Excel document sample.xls becomes “sample.xlsx”, and a Microsoft Word document sample.doc becomes “sample.docx”

Can QuickFile extend the regular expression/regex used to check the file-extension on uploaded files to allow for newer Microsoft Office documents?

For now, we’ve downgraded our documents to the older format to allow them to be uploadable.

Hi @zeeshan

I’ve asked our development team to take a look at this and will have this resolved within the next 24 hours.

Will keep you posted.

@zeeshan - Apologies for the delay here, but this should now be resolved. Please can you check and confirm?

We cannot test as we have already downgraded our documents so that they’re using the old Microsoft Office format and file extension.

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