Unable to upload Starling statement


I have been unable to upload a CSV Starling statement.

I can see “Starling Bank” as an option in the drop down box. However when I click on “chose file” nothing happens.

I have just checked and this issue only exists under Safari. I have just signed in using Firefox and the “chose file” button is working correctly.

Can Safari be fixed please.

Hi @Harvie

The actual function of this isn’t controlled by QuickFile, but rather by your browser.

Does this work on other websites in the same browser?


Just tried using a different website in Safari and can replicate the problem. I’m guessing that a browser update has “broken it”. It was working perfectly until this month :frowning:

Thanks for coming back to us. It certainly sounds like an update broke it I’m afraid!

Not sure what version of Safari you are using, but I did find this from November 2020:

I am using Mojave 10.14.6!

Certainly sounds as I’m not the only one and Apple need to get it sorted ASAP.

Thanks for finding that link for me

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