Unable to use biometrics login on Android app

@QFMathew @Glenn the fingerprint login feature isn’t working for me (Android, latest version). When I opened the app for the very first time it did offer me the option of biometrics, which I agreed to, but when it asked for a PIN, the process failed… didn’t seem to go anywhere after entering a 4-digit PIN and I could see any way forward except to back out and go back in. Now when I log out and then log in, it’s only offering me the email/pwd login (which works fine, but I would prefer biometrics). Furthermore, I don’t see any biometrics option in the Settings as per the above screenshot… I just have the “Additional security” section there, not the “Lock app with” section. And yes, my device does support fingerprint biometrics (I use it on many apps, including banking). Happy New Year, BTW!

Hi @drmrbrewer

Happy new year! :slightly_smiling_face:

What version of Android are you using? What version of the QuickFile app are you using (it appears at the top of the menu)?

I’ve just given this a go myself but I do seem to have these options -

If you can let us know your versions, we’ll see what we can find for you

Hi @QFMathew, thanks for the quick reply! The QuickFile app is v2.0.55.265 (and there’s no update showing in the Play Store). The device is running Android 11. Screenshot of my Settings page is below:

Thanks for that!

If you tick “Keep app locked”, you should see the options for “Use biometrics” and “Security code”.

Selecting one of those should ask you for a pin (in case of biometrics not working), and then work as it did before. If you’re seeing different though, just let us know.

Ah yes, the biometrics section is hidden until you tick “Keep app locked”. Thanks. When setting the PIN, which is was also done on first opening, it wasn’t clear to me that it is a 5-digit PIN, so originally (and again this time) when I entered 4 digits and nothing happened, I was confused. It required entering all 5 digits, and then again to confirm.

Now it’s working as expected. Well, almost… it’s a bit different to other similar apps I use (banking mainly) where, if I “log out” from the app, then opening the app again presents me with the biometric login again. However, the QuickFile app takes me to the manual email/password login page. So it’s just a case of remembering not to “log out” if I want to avoid the manual email/password login page, and just rely on biometrics. I guess that’s OK, but it just seems a bit different to most other apps… the QuickFile app discourages me to “log out”, which isn’t normally a good thing to discourage for apps with sensitive/confidential data. Though of course the QuickFile app is just as secure as the other banking apps I use, despite not having “logged out”, due to the extra biometrics layer… it’s just different IMHO to how apps like this normally work. Might be wrong on this though.

I will check with our development team on this point - this could very well be a bug.

However, as you rightfully mention, it keeps you logged in and you can just use biometrics or a pin to access the account rather than a username/password and 2FA.

Various banking apps have different ways of working. Starling, for example, keeps you logged in, in a similar way to QuickFile - you just use biometrics or a pin to access the app. HSBC is similar too.

But please rest assured, your account is safe and secure. We do encourage all users to set up 2 factor authentication on their online accounts, and also to set up biometrics/pin on the app itself.

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I think it’s intended, just not what I’m used to. I guess I am more used to the biometrics being used to actually log in, whereas in QuickFile the biometrics are not being used to log in… just to unlock the app (having logged in previously via username + password). And the settings page does make this clear (“keep app locked”) so it’s OK, just not what I’m used to.

So, with the Starling and HSBC apps, if you explicitly log out of your account in the app, and then open the app again, are you presented with biometrics to log in again, or some other more “traditional” method?

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