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Unallocated balance incorrect on client's account

Hello - I am having difficulty with a client (sales) account. There are two payments of £10K each and a list of sales invoices totalling (paid) of £14630.37. There should be an unallocated balance of the difference £5369.65 however the unallocated funds show £207.60. I am unable to trace the £5162.03. I’ve searched for this figure on the bank accounts to no avail and have also looked at the debtors control for that amount. Are you able to advise where I can find this and how to get it back to where it should be - the clients account? Many thanks.

Hi @mks

Just wanted to make sure I’m on the right lines here. You’ve issued invoices totaling £14,630.37, and the client has paid £20,000 in total (2 x £10,000 payments), which has been used to pay down the two invoices. What you’re looking for is where the difference of £5,369.63 is as you can only see £207.60?

If you view the client, and click ‘View’ > ‘All Payments’

You should be able to see the two £10,000 payments there, and it should show you where they are paid and allocated.

If you could give me a client name and your account number (send it in a private message if you prefer) and I’ll take a quick look for you?

Hi - thanks for the response. Yes, you are reading by query correctly. I would like to send you the account number etc. to investigate but the private message facility (message box) doesn’t appear when clicking on your ‘avatar’. Please advise

I’ve just sent you a private message (look for the little green icon in the top right hand corner).

Because your account was new you didn’t have the ‘Message’ button originally, but I’ve just changed your account to allow it.