Unallocated Bank receipts

Sorry if this has been dealt with elsewhere, but I have looked.

I have many bank receipts tagged as client income. I wish to allocate these to an annual sales invoice that I raise after the event and is on the sales account.

I cannot see how to allocate the bank receipts to an invoice either in a batch or indivually.

Any reply would be gratefully received.

Hello @CamplingCo

Prepayments on client accounts can be allocated to invoices by opening the invoice and clicking log payment.


Steve, Thanks for the reply.

I am trying to allocate monthly payments throughout a year against a specific invoice that is created subsequently. Therefore it does not work just to apply the whole of the credit balance on the account.

Hello @CamplingCo

It will apply the oldest credit first.

What you could to give you more control is do is refund all the payments on the Client account to a dummy bank account on the respective dates then pay off the invoices using the dummy account as of the correct dates (Once complete the dummy account balance will be nil).

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