Unallocated payments showing - but Vendor Balance is zero


Something weird going on with my Unallocated payments.
One of my suppliers has 12 unallocated payments (totalling: £153.81).
(I am viewing this in the following screen: Purchases > View Payments >Advanced Search > Type: Unallocated)

However, when I go to the Supplier’s account page, the balance is Zero.
1). How can i allocate those 12 payments*?
2). What would have caused these payments to have been unallocated, as I normally import my bank statements monthly and then Tag transactions to the supplier as paid.

*I should note, I cannot go back and re-allocate those Paid invoices from the VIEW PAYMENTS screen, because “The payment is locked as it is associated to a previously submitted VAT Return.”

many thanks in advance,

Hi @indypanesar

Any credits held against a Suppliers account would show on their details page, here:

Is this not the case for your supplier? If not, are you able to confirm the last 3 digits of your QuickFile account number (shown in the top right), and the name of the supplier, or their ID shown in the web address bar please?

If there is credit sitting on their account, then when it comes to paying future invoices, you can simply tag them as paid from credit.

Thanks @QFSupport

OK, I can now see £153.81 in the Prepayments section:

But how can I resolve the unallocated payments as they are Locked out?
Are you saying that I have to wait for another 12 monthly invoices to be raised by that Supplier to me, and for me to Log payment for each of those future 12 invoices using the balance currently sitting on their account?


It depends on how the amount got there. Is it an error, or do you genuinely have 153.81 credit with the supplier?

If you’re not sure, it may be worth asking them for a statement to see what you have recorded on QuickFile and compare it to what their records say

It is not an error. The payment are genuine…
However, something to note… The other company is supplying a service TO ME (for which I pay them monthly). It is an online software company.
They invoice me $20 USD for the monthly service, but due to Forex rates each month the exact GBP value charged to my account fluctuates. It has been approx £13 most months (Pre-Brexit vote of course!!)

So, these ~£13GBP charges have appeared on my bank statement for the last 12 months, and I normally import the transactions into QF then tag to the appropriate Supplier/Account. For some reason these 12 transactions have been allocated to the Supplier, but Purchase Invoices were not created during the “Tagging” process. (Could that have been due to Auto-tagging, which wrongly allocated the transactions to “unallocated”??? - if not, how could it have happened??)

Anyway, how can I now allocate these unallocated payments?

Thanks in advance,

Just want to make sure I’m on the same wavelength as you - you have these payments which are genuine and have been used to pay invoices. However, you have all the payments, but no invoices on your account to match them. Is that correct?

If this is the case, providing you don’t have any locks during these periods (such as a year end lock), you can create the purchase invoices now and back date them. As you mention the payments are locked because of a VAT return, this would be because you’re on the cash accounting scheme, and these would already be accounted for. Any newly created invoices wouldn’t affect this.

Because the money is sat on the suppliers account, you will need to pay the invoice through the invoice itself rather than bank tagging. So once the invoice is created, click ‘Log Payment’

And then tick this box:

That will then pay off the invoices from the credit saved on the suppliers account.

Hope that makes sense?

Excellent - it worked !! Thanks @QFMathew.
I did what you said (created one Purchase invoice for the total £153.81) and allocated the total Credt balance in order to pay it off.

For my future ref… what could have caused these transactions to have been marked as “Unallocated” during the transation import/tagging process? Some kind of auto-tagging that I inadvertently accepted during the tagging confirmation step?

I’ll have to keep an eye out next month when I tag my transactions to see what is happening when i come to tag this supplier’s transactions.

Thanks again!

No problem! :slight_smile:

Possibly tagging rules. You can take a look at these under Banking >> Bank Tagging Rules to double check. The only other way that comes to mind is if it was manually done (e.g. clicking ‘Payment on account’) during the tagging process:

If you want to be sure next time, turn auto-tagging off (this is under bank tagging rules - and of course, only if you have this turned on). This allows you to confirm each transaction tag before it’s tagged. It’ll slow things down a little bit, but you can at least be sure what’s going on

Intersting…thanks for the tip…
I’ve just been investigating this… appears that I have a rogue “Rule”, which has run 13 times.

I guess this explains it then !
Here is a screenshot below…
Note: the checkbox for “create invoice” is unchecked.
Thanks @QFMathew for the pointers. You have really helped me a lot.
Appreciate it!!


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