Unallocated Payments to suppliers

I’ve tagged a payment in our current account that was made to a supplier in error and hasn’t been refunded yet. So rather than assigning it to an invoice, I’ve clicked on the unallocated button. There is no outstanding sum owed to the supplier at the moment so I can’t simply deduct it from it and pay the balance. The amount shows up in the supplier details but doesn’t show up on the list of suppliers which otherwise shows any amounts outstanding. I’m concerned that it will be forgotten and I would suggest that it should show up on the full list of suppliers as a negative amount. Do you agree?

It does show up on the list if you open the advanced search box and click to “show credits”.

You can then order all your suppliers by credits held on account.

Thanks Glenn. I can see that now. It would be good if the credits showed up on the first screen really to gain an automatic overview of the situation, rather than having to do the advanced search - but I know that’s very picky.

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