Unallocated payments

Good afternoon. We are at the end of our financial year and our accountant has brought to our attention that we have an amount of money “unallocated”. Is there a way of producing a list of unallocated payments to make it easier to find please?
Everything has been tagged to the end of our year and the balance tallies with the bank.
Thank you.

Hi @eftlizzie

This is likely to be credits on a client or supplier account. You can see who has credits assigned to their account by going to the client or supplier overview, clicking ‘Advanced search’ and ticking the ‘Prepayments’ box:

This will add a column to the table of clients or suppliers, and you can then click that column to order it by their values:

Hope that helps!

Yes this has helped. Thank you very much. I can run this more often so that I don’t get so many mistakes!

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