Unallocated purchases help please

I have just taken over our accounts, due to my business partner leaving the company, i am going through the purchases, one supplier at a time, and am finding lots of unallocated payments entered into the bank account.

When i look at the suppliers dashboard i see an account credit, i assume this is due to the unallocated payments, am i correct ?

I then look at the invoices for the supplier, the only ones i see are the allocated ones, does this mean he has made the entries, but not created invoices ?

So my main question is how do i get these payments allocated please ?

i have looked at the following thread Paying unallocated payments but am still un clear.

Please help.


If you clcik on supplier, you should see all the invoices , paid / unpaid etc, if there is balance on account and no unpaid invoices then invoices need to be created

Thank you, i think i am getting in to trouble now,.

Okay i did what you suggested, i created an invoice, i selected new purchase, is this correct ?

I then applied a credit to the invoice, but when i go into the bank account, view the item, it is still unallocated, i must be misunderstanding or something.

On Account payment to suppliers wont be untagged entry in bank, that is some thing to be tagged against invoice or in to P&L or BS

Hi thanks for your help, i dont have a clue, and am just going to mess everything up, i think i need to find someone to help me.

Thanks for your time.

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