Undeliverable invoices and estimates

My issue is that I have found that my invoices and estimates are not being delivered to my NHS customers. Other customers are okay. My invoice/estimate is being sent to there junk which gets deleted. The NHS say its spam and will not let these through. I end up having to PDF and mail to the customer. This removes all of the tracking and integration. Can my invoices be sent from my own email address, or can you offer a fix please.

Go to “Account Settings”, select “All Settings” and scroll to the bottom and select SMTP settings. You need to get the required parameters from your own email provider.

Be aware that this is only one of many possible triggers for a spam filter but it is the most common.

As @FolkLondon mentions setting up your own SMTP credentials will allow you to send emails directly from your email server. This unfortunately isn’t a guarantee that it will always work, as it then depends on how your email service is configured.

Another simple change you can make if you want to avoid the technicalities of using your own SMTP is to change the sender address in Account Settings >> Routine emails. If you then set the “Default email address” to “noreply@quickfile.co.uk” it will ensure that we’re not sending a different reply-address header in the email, which some servers don’t like.


One thing to note however is if you set the sender email to noreply@quickfile.co.uk your recipient will not be able to directly reply to the email so you may need to alter your email template to ask them to reply to a different email address.

Thanks for the update. I still am not sure where the mail is sent from when I raise an invoice from within Quickfile, I was thinking it was sent by Quickfile from their server. I am not fully conversant with e-mail terminology.

Unless you’ve changed it on your account, QuickFile will all emails from a generic noreply@quickfile.co.uk address, but we add your account email address as a reply address. All this means is if someone tried to reply to the email, it would come back to you.

Some organisations however don’t like it when the reply address is different than the sending address, and will block it.

The last part of my post above will tell you how to change the reply address to match our sending address, but it would mean your client can’t reply to it.

The option that @FolkLondon mentions would allow you to use your own email server rather than the one we use. This would allow you to use your email address to send emails and in some cases, improve reliability. If you wanted to use this option, we can help to a extent. Let us know who your email provider is and we’ll go from there.

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