Understanding why GoCardless Direct Debit are sometimes cancelled?


I am trying to understand why a recent Direct Debit I created via GoCardless was cancelled.

To the best of my knowledge neither the customer, GoCardless or myself cancelled the DD.

The customer authorised the initial DD and I created a £35 one of invoice to be collected via DD. I then created a Recurring invoice for £10 and this appears to have resulted in the customer authorising a new DD and cancelling the old one (which had not been collected at the time).

Could you check if the above is correct. Should I have waited for the one off DD to have been paid first before setting up the Recurring DD?

I am trying to avoid making similar mistakes in the future especially with new customers. I had one mysterious cancellation earlier, but I think is may have been for the same reason.

QuickFile/GoCardless has been working flawlessly!


Hi Paul,

In cases like this, it’s normally best to check with GoCardless themselves - QuickFile doesn’t cancel the direct debits, so it would be either yourself, your client, their bank or GoCardless who cancelled it.

What I’d recommend is logging into GoCardless, and finding the customer. I set up a dummy direct debit with myself a few months ago, and subsequently cancelled it, so luckily I have an example :slight_smile:

Once you’re logged in, go to ‘Customers’

Find your customer. You may need to change the drop down to ‘Inactive’:

Select the bank account (there may be a few to check):

The mandates will show with either a red or green circle. Red are the cancelled ones. Clicking on these will show you more details:

Although it says “cancelled at a bank branch”, this was actually cancelled online.

But that should give you an insight on why it was cancelled.

If you already had a DD in place through QuickFile, you shouldn’t be allowed to initiate a second one. However, you can have multiple charges against the same DD if you wish.

Hope that helps.

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