Undo Rolled back vat Return

…so green background

As far as I’m aware if you had disabled the vat then the submit button wouldn’t be there. So I’m not sure youve actually done it correctly.

No Paul
Look at screenshot.

(Unless this is not the way to disable it)

I’ve just checked mine, and I’m NOT on mtd and I get the “save vat button”.

Weird. What if I just submit it, and then enable MTD again ? What will happen ?

I’m on the new style return screen (white background) so I can’t help with what it’s supposed to look like, but knowing a bit about software development I suggest you try this on the vat settings screen:

  • tick “enable online filing”
  • untick “use mtd”
  • save settings
  • untick “enable online filing”
  • save settings again

And see if that makes any difference to the vat return form.

Cheers Ian
But makes no difference, I tried it.

Can someone please confirm:

  1. what will happen if i click on “create new return” for the rolled back quarter, and submit it, while MTD and online filing are disabled. And then re-enable them.

  2. that if I do nothing , when I submit my Q3 return , the rolled back Q2 return will be picked up.

If it’s rolled back, then you will be able to create a new return for that period, but won’t be able to submit it. It will just be saved to your account. As you’ve already submitted your return to HMRC however, it’s important to ensure they both match.

I don’t believe it would permit you to do this, but if it did, all of Q2s figures would be included automatically in the Q3 return. This would mean your figures are counted twice with HMRC if it’s submitted to them.

… which was exactly the problem that spawned this thread in the first place

I’ve not used the MTD platform so haven’t been able to comment on the specifics here, but when I first used QF for the VAT the accountant misinformed me as to how to make it work so I essentially did the same thing. I called HMRC, told them that the Q1 figures were for the first 3 quarters and then submitted the other 2 quarters with manual adjustments to make them zero. It all tallied, so that was fine. Not sure if you can do manual adjustments on MTD though?

Ok so in conclusion, is it the best thing to wait for q3 and submit my return, and to make a fictitious import invoice so that the double vat I’ve paid for q1 is in effect deducted from the Q3 figures ??

No, you should create and save a Q2 VAT return in QuickFile using manual adjustments to make the numbers agree with what you originally submitted to HMRC, remember what those adjustments were and then apply the same adjustments in reverse to your Q3 return (so if you have to adjust box 4 up by £100 in Q2 then you adjust it down by £100 in Q3).

@QFMatthew, based on the screenshot in Diamondgeezer’s earlier reply, if MTD and online filing are turned off in the settings will the button in that screenshot that is labelled :heavy_check_mark: Submit return actually just save the return in QuickFile without trying to submit it again? I think that’s where the confusion keeps coming from - the OP has turned off online filing but the button still says “submit” rather than “save”.

Hi @ian_roberts

Thanks for your feedback regarding the button. I’ve passed this on to our development team.

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