Unexpected overdue purchase

I seem to have an unexpected entry (QF00072-14/06/2013-£18.86) in my purchases list that shows “overdue”. This has only happened in the last 24 hours and shows on the dashboard as unpaid.

I have no idea why it appeared, as there is no Bank transaction to tag it to. However, there is a similar purchase (QF00041 - 17/06/2013 - £18.86) which has a payment association showing as paid.

Any ideas would be a help thanks…


If you go into the invoice preview and scroll down to the bottom you’ll see the following:

4d A payment of GBP 18.86 has been detagged from the bank.

4d means that this happened 4 days ago, if you hover over the 4d you can see the exact date and time. The payment on the bank then appears to have been assigned to QF00072.

Hope that helps!

Thanks Glenn
Not sure now if I can just delete the QF00041 as it may have been created in error.

I think just deleting QF00041 will solve your problem, it looks like a duplicate.

Many thanks Glenn…
As always, great support.

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