Unexpected value in VAT reclaimed

Please can someone help me with an unexpected value showing up in my VAT return?

I am trying to enter my VAT return and I noticed QuickFile had put £8.10 in the box for “VAT reclaimed on purchases and other inputs”. I pressed the magnifying glass icon to see where that figure came from but nothing appeared.

Can anyone suggest where this number could have come from? I am registered for the flat rate VAT scheme so never expected anything in this box. I have never had a figure in here since I started doing VAT last April.

The best place to start is the backing report (either “download calculations” at the bottom of the form or “export” at the top - there are two different versions), as that details exactly which invoices and purchases contribute to the value in each box.

Thanks for the reply Ian. I couldn’t find a ‘backing report’ (or anything similar) but I did find the export. Sadly that showed no values for box 4 - effectively the same as using the magnifying glass. So I still have no idea where it came from - although I do appreciate the help. Perhaps a bug in the system - I’ll try contacting QuickFile.

@QFSupport are you able to see anything suspect from your side?

Hi @adamcollis,

I will send you a private message now in order to get some further details from you

I have a feeling this may be related to bad debt provisions. The value appears on the return but it could be that it’s not showing the backing data on the new forms.

We’re looking into this now.

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