Unexplained amount in nominal account 2100 Creditors Control Account

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Re: Account - Aber Tree a/c ***451

I have a similar problem with that I am unable to reconcile a/c 2100 Creditor Control to Invoices awaiting payment in Purchase Management.

I have gone through the procedures suggested to Paul to find the discrepancy, but no adverse entries i.e. no credits showing on any accounts

Chart of Accounts - All Time Entries for a/c 2100 - (267.70)

Purchase Invoices awaiting payment
TOTAL 179.60

Therefore I am looking for a missing Invoice(s) for £88.10

I have also checked on manual entry journals just to make sure no amount had been put in a/c 2100 in error, but nothing there.

What have I missed?



I think you’ve since added a purchase, because I’m getting slightly different figures. I’ve passed this off to my colleague who will take a look later today.

After the figures I previously advised I have been tidying up the accounts for Year End, but the discrepancy still is £88.10 more in Creditor Control than is shown in the Purchase Ledger.

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