Unique Account Reference

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I know you’ve mentioned that client account reference is a non-mandatory field, but is it possible to force them to be unique at all?

The problem with forcing them to be unique now is there will be duplicates already there on many accounts. If we do this we’d need to switch it on as a constraint at the account level rather than make it a global change, this involves a bit more work, it’s certainly possible but for now all I can do is note it down and come back to it.

We’ve added an additional check to the client entry screen so that the account reference will be checked for uniqueness when you tab out of the box. We couldn’t go all out and enforce uniqueness as there are already many accounts with duplicate account references and there may be some use cases where it’s actually required. Hopefully this is the next best thing!

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@Glenn, as always - you and you’re team are brilliant :smile:

Thank you - it’ll save a few headaches!

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