Unreadable scans

Some scans generate the following error:

I remember dealing with a similar issue in the past. It had something to do with file names. But is seems to have returned.

We did have a problem with diacritic characters in the file names. I’ve escalated this for you and we’ll report back ASAP.

Just to help us isolate this issue, how did you upload the scan to QuickFile?


We fixed this issue on new uploads, but any files uploaded before the bug fix would remain inaccessible without us manually amending the file names. We’ve gone through all your untagged items and corrected the file path for you so they should all now be accessible.

If you encounter any similar problems in the future, please let us know.

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Hi @Glenn, the problem has reappeared — fortunately just for one file.

Can you please take a look?


Hi @marekkowalczyk

I suspect it’s something to do with the exclamation marks in the file name. Have you tried adding it to the receipt hub without these?

The exclamation marks have been added by my accountant after she discovered the file is unreadable — they are a symptom, not a cause :slight_smile:

Here’s a related problem. A scan can be opened but it’s partially unreadable on my accountant’s computer. On my computer it looks fine.

Hi @marekkowalczyk

I’ve just spoken to a colleague about this as @Glenn mentioned it was fixed above. I see from your screenshot that it was uploaded November 2015, which is before this issue was fixed. Because of that, it’s not accessible.

If you were to re-upload the file, it should be OK

Looks like I missed this one when I went over your account last. Should be readable again within 10 mins. Anything uploaded post-fix will be fine.

It’s the diacritics rather than any symbols that caused this issue.