Untag Receipts/Missing Receipts

Good Afternoon,

I’m Working through the receipt tagging steps and I’ve either spotted an error or caused one myself :persevere:

I assigned a receipt to a purchase earlier today and looking at it again this afternoon realised it had been assigned to the wrong supplier (two seperate suppliers, similar purchases, same dates…same price!)

Having gone into the supplier screen and hit the red cross to remove the receipt from the order I navigated back to the [Receipt Hub] expecting to see my receipt back in the ‘untagged’ status…however it’s not showing up at all (tagged or untagged). An advanced search in here or the [Document Manager] throws up no results for these receipt files.

Could you clarify/confirm please:

  • What action hitting the red cross within the [Supplier>Purchase] screen has on the record it self and the attached documents?

  • What (if any) are the actual steps to ‘un-tag a receipt’ (appreciate that this may be a very rare occurrence.

  • Depending on the answer to the above, whether my receipt(s) are still held in the Document Library or if I need to upload them once more (they are archived in Dropbox so not too much hassle)

Appreciate your help.

John Richardson
Scruffies Pet Groomers

When you hit the red cross here it will delete the receipt from your account. It doesn’t push it back into the Receipt Hub.

What you can do next time is go to the Document Manager and click the folder icon, this will allow you to move it back to the Receipt Hub.

Another way you could have solved this is by editing the purchase and just changing the supplier.

Hope that helps!

It most certainly does and clears up my points nicely, thank you Glenn.

As you may have guessed I’m something of a novice at keeping the books now that I am self employed (despite reporting to a CFO in my last role for over 5yrs (really wished I’d paid more attention in those monthly mgmt meetings!))

I am really appreciating the quality of this system, the steady pace of improvements and helpful feedback from the team and the community.

It is very much appreciated - thank you!

John Richardson
Scruffies Pet Groomers

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