Untagged entries deleted from bank statement?


I had tagged these 4 entries from my imported current account statement as payments out of the DLA to me (our previous software used the DLA to hold money owed to me). Now understanding that QuickFile doesn’t work like that, I went to the DLA and untagged them:

But now, when I look at the current account (to re-tag them appropriately), the line entries have disappeared. I un-tagged them - I did not delete them.

Any idea why untagging transactions from a nominal account would actually delete them from an imported statement? That seems rather dangerous to me.

You need detag from the current account and not the DLA, the entries are retained in which ever account you detag from.

Try ‘Bulk Tagging’ the transactions on the DLA relating to the current account as a transfer back to the current account and then go to the current account and detag from there, that should work!

Thanks @Joe, that puts them back - albeit with a different reference (“Bank transfer from (1201)”).