Untagged items in locked date ranges

Just wondering how to deal with untagged items which are or have fallen into locked date ranges. I discovered a small loophole by accident whereby i needed to enter some items which were left out from a previously locked period into a bank statement. I manually entered the items at first as the first date i possibly could with a note which real date they related to so they can be traced, but then foolishly i clicked on one of the dates and edited it into the older locked period (it allowed me to do it). Now it is untagged and locked and I cannot do anything about it.

Just a suggestion but if items are untagged and locked can they not be excluded from the tag counts and displays as it gets a bit annoying that it always shows untagged items but there is no way i can clear them :frowning:

Any help/advice appreciated.

Hi @sean1

Are they locked because of a year end journal, or because of a VAT return?

Thanks for the reply. I think in this case it could be year end. I have this issue in 2 different accounts though, one case here where i forgot to add some bank records to an account before the year ended and have had to add them later and in the other cases it is mostly that I didn’t finish tagging all the items before the year end transactions were completed (i think these days you don’t let anyone proceed unless its all tagged but my accounts may precede this.

It just seems that the untagged count should work only on items you can access and tag and not on those that are locked and unable to be tagged for any reason?

If it’s just the case of the year end lock, you can delete the year end journal and push the lock back:

The untagged count should relate to everything that’s untagged - locked or not. If there are untagged transactions, you would most likely be left with entries in 9998 Suspense Account, which would need to be sorted to ensure the accounts are accurate.

Let me know how you get on the with the lock. Hopefully that’ll sort it for you :slight_smile:

Thank you this has helped me!

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