Untagged Transaction still showing as tagged

Just trying something to demonstrate for another post, and I untagged a credit:

However, when I click the ‘Tag Me!’ button, I get the following:

Refreshing the page does resolve this, so it only appears if i click ‘Tag Me!’ after untagging it

Thanks @Parker1090

I’ve logged this on our system and we shall take a look today, it looks like a regression following a recent update.

I wasn’t able to replicate this.

Can you do a hard refresh on the statement page and try again please (hold CTRL while hitting refresh)?

Also are there any errors in debugger mode on your browser? In Chrome you can press F12 to open this and it should show a red explanation mark somewhere highlighting any errors.

What browser is this in? I have noticed that in Firefox versions 3x it aggressively caches everything and Ctrl-F5 doesn’t work. Clearing the cache from settings doesn’t seem to do a lot either. It only appears to clear the cache on exiting Firefox.

It was actually Chrome, but trying to again today and I can’t replicate it!