Unused account profiles

I set up a user profile some time ago but it was never used. My client now has decided to use the name. How do I retrieve it or do I have to start a new profile with a different name?

Hi @SpringBK

Can I just clarify what part of the system you’re referring to please?

Do you mean team member accounts, or do you mean a QuickFile profile attached to an Affinity account? Or am I on a completely different wavelength? :slight_smile:


I set up an account to try for a client, probably through Affinity so it has a profile name and a number.

I have just tried to set him up as a new profile and the same name is available so I have answered my question I think. I wondered what happens to accounts that are not used. Do they ‘go back into the pot’ after a certain length of time?

Glad you managed to sort it :slight_smile:

We don’t currently delete any accounts or data unless a user requests it. If you were to completely delete your account, then yes, a name becomes available again after a short period. But this doesn’t happen automatically.

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