Updated invoice does not display

The owner of an account updated an invoice as paid and as soon as he did it disappeared off his all invoice list although, me as an additional user could still see the invoice and it showed as paid! Why can I see it and the owner can’t? He did press F5 and refresh the page. He went into the client details and could see the invoice had been updated as paid. Any ideas please?

Hi @alexdwalker

Can I just check how they’re accessing the list of invoices please?

He clicked on All invoices and update as paid by ticking the box next to the invoice. He is the owner of the account and I create his invoices for him. He then marks them as paid. Strangely, I can see the paid invoice in the list but he can’t. It disappears.

Just to confirm, to access the invoice list, this is being accessed by going to Sales >> View all Sales Invoices?

Yes this is correct. We made have made a shortcut link called All invoices.

Let me send you a private message and we’ll take a look at this.

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