Updating bank feed for Starling

I have added a Starling bank feed and it looks like it’s all connected ok. However, I don’t see any way to refresh the bank feed to pull in historical data. I.e. I’d like the feed to pull in transactions for the past couple of weeks, but unlike regular open banking feeds, I don’t see any way to do this.

Please could you let me know where/how I do that?



Hi @markrubix

The Starling feed works a bit different to the other feeds, so there isn’t a direct way to refresh this manually.

However, let me drop you a message as we may be able to do something in the background for you.

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Can you include me too Mathew - as i am having same issue as Mark - ty

@Sysyem_X - I’ll send you a private message shortly.

Hi Matthew i have just joined Quickfile and also bank with Starling,but getting no balance coming through? @QFMathew

Hi @Norfolk

The balance is calculated based on the transactions in your QuickFile account. If you’ve just joined and there aren’t any transactions or opening balances, then it’s likely that it will have a balance of 0.

ok, so i need to set the starting balance to what it is in the account? What tweaks in the background are you doing to other accounts, as mention in this thread? Thanks you

Hi @Norfolk

Depending on the date range, we may be able to pull in older transactions. Some banks permit this up to 28 days prior to the connection being made.

What did you use prior to QuickFile?

Im a new startup so Quickfile is my first software and bank account was setup last week

No problem! So in that case, you’ve probably got a handful of transactions (if any)? You can just enter these manually, or even grab a CSV export from Starling and import it into QuickFile. This should sort the balance for you.

A few points however -

  • The balance of your Starling account isn’t necessarily what you see in the app. What you see is your available balance, whereas QuickFile reflects your cleared balance.

  • If you do want a CSV file, you can generate it in the app, or even in the Starling business web app

Great, yes only a couple to enter manually. i have just changed the opening balnce of the account but now Quickfile will not allow me change it. @QFMathew any help with this, my balance is now out by £1 as this was the startup balance that i entered into quickfile but still pulling in the csv it wont tally

Is there not a link “modify opening balance” in the account settings screen? The opening balance just makes a journal so you can just go and modify that, which is where I believe the link in the account settings sends you anyway.

There is but when it opens up the journal, i am unable to delete the two lines in it which need to be changed

You can edit them though.

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