Updating EC sales status on a paid invoice?

I have invoices that are sales to other EC Member states that didnt have the details on the Client filled out properly to reflect this, therefore it has not been shown on the VAT return in the correct place.
If I 1) Remove the tag of the payment to this invoice
2) Delete the invoice
3) Create a new invoice now that the Client information is correct
4) tag the payment to the new invoice

Will this cure the problem?

It would solve the problem yes, although why not just go and edit the invoice it would be simpler that way?

I had a look at editing it but as the invoice had been created in the past and paid for I couldn’t find anyway to update it as the box hadn’t been ticked for it to be an EC Member. Am I right or is there a way to update it? Thanks

Even though it is paid you should be able modify like any other invoice. On the invoice edit screen do you see the following box?

In the client settings do you have them marked as follows:

Glenn. You are a star. I don’t know why I didn’t see that box before. I have changed them and re calculated the VAT and they now appear in the boxes that ask for Sales to Other EC Member States. That has saved me some time. Thanks a million. Have a good week.

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