Upgrade to SagePay 3.0 API

After working through the list of supported card processing systems in Quickfile I settled on SagePay, We’ve setup our account with them and the first step is to process a test payment before they will give us live access.

However when I do this I see the following error:

I contacted SagePay support and they tell me that this error is due to Quickfile using the older version of the API which is now at 3.0. They have disabled anything older than 3.0 in their test server and they tell me that they will also be dissabling access to anything pre-3.0 on live from 31st July.

I’m sure you have the integration details already but they are at:

I wonder therefore if you could look at this so that we may setup our account properly?

Many thanks,


I’ve personally not heard anything about SagePay disabling older versions of the API, I would certainly expect them to forewarn us if such a decision was taken.

I’ve just checked a live integration and we use the VPSProtocol 2.23, it appears to load the payment page fine, perhaps they’ve disabled versions lower that 3 on the test service, have you tried with a live payment for a small amount?


I have since discussed this matter with SagePay. They have recently disabled VPSProtocol 2.23 on their test server and now only support 3.0. The live accounts will however still work on VPSProtocol 2.23.

By 31st of July SagePay will completely withdraw support for VPSProtocol 2.23. We have booked this in to be looked at but as this is something that we have only become aware of it doesn’t yet feature in our near term development schedule.

Hi Glen,

Thanks for the prompt response - that’s exactly what they told me when I called them that they’d disabled anything earlier than v3.0 in test.

My problem is that until I’ve posted a payment via test and had approval from them that this worked successfully they won’t let me post a live payment. I’ve also prepaid £238.80+VAT to use the sage service for the year (annual payment was slightly cheaper than monthly) and it’s importamt that we have an online payment facility.

I wonder therefore if you would please consider a re-prioritisation of development in order to make this work again?

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I’ve tried to prioritise this, it’s likely that it will take 1 week before it goes onto to the live system. We’ve not read the technical spec for the 3.0 API yet so we don’t really know at this stage whether it’s a complete rewrite or a few minor tweaks.

I will let you know as I find out more.

That’s all I can ask for and is much appreciated, thanks Glenn.

Hello Glenn,

An update: I persuaded SagePay this morning to allow me to be setup on a MOTO virtual terminal and to use that via their own website rather than the forms integration from Qucikfile to send through a test payment. That worked of course and I’m now approved for live which also allows access to the forms method used by QuickFile!

So, I’m in business and the panic is over and we have until 31st July to update the API. I thought you’d appreciate knowing :slight_smile:



That’s great to hear Richard.

We have however been working on upgrading our SagePay integration today, so we should have this release well ahead of July 31st. I’ll keep this thread up to date.

Just to let you know we have now completed the work upgrading the API. We will run a few tests (I will contact you separately about this) and will strive to get this active later in the week.

Hi Glenn,

I’ve been watching this thread and am very pleased to hear that v3 will be supported soon!

I guess the reason I’m seeing test payments coming through is because of your testing?

Also, will we now be able to add surcharges to certain cards? This is supported in v3 and is something we discussed a while ago.

Thanks very much for your help!

@ueslondonltd I am sorry about the test email, I believe our engineer was using the wrong test credentials at the time. We would normally seek your approval before doing this.

We didn’t look specifically at the surcharge but I imagine it should now be trivial to switch this feature on. I will check with our engineer and let you know.

Just as a reference for myself and others, here is the relevant discussion from the other thread.

Thanks Glenn for working on this so quickly. Surcharges on different card types would be useful if that is easy to do while working on the v3 protocol anyway.

I’m happy to help/test anything, just shout!

We are now Live with the 3.0 SagePay API. Please let me know if you run into any issues.

@ueslondonltd You should also now be able to apply your own surcharges for specific card types. We got this working on the SagePay test simulator but have not verified this in a live environment.

Thanks @glenn, this is much appreciated.

I noticed in the settings that as you’ve enabled V3.0 of the protocol you’ve removed the options for surcharges set at the QF end as these are configured at the SagePay end now, which makes sense as we now have more flexibility to set different charges depending on card type and currency.

I knew about this since I opened this thread but I’m guessing there are some of your customers who would not realise that their surcharges are no longer being applied by QF and might be worth posting more widely before it costs people unexpected fees.


Not a problem!

We only identified about 5 SagePay users who have such surcharges enabled and we have been contacting these users individually rather than putting out a notice.

Just to say that the 3.0 api is working really well. It’s been great to be able to set charges differently for different card types, allowing us to offer incentive to use debit cards with zero charge and credit cards with 2 percent.

Using the v3 api also opens access to a new dashboard in sage pay which is really informative and useful.

Thanks again,


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That’s great to hear, thanks for letting us know.