Upload bank from nationwide

Hi, just downloaded a statement from Nationwide and when I tried to upload it to QF I got this error. Any ideas how I can correct this?
Error: The CSV appears to be corrupt near record ‘306’ field '7 at position ‘0’. Current raw data :

You’ll probably find some sort of special or disallowed character in or around record 306 (probably line 307). To find it you’ll have to open the file in a text editor like notepad, correct the error and resave it. Probably a comma in a description, or an extra carriage return if that’s the last record.

I can’t see anything in the lines that don’t appear in the other lines. MYSTERY.
I forced it to upload by using OTHER, but it was wrong so any idea how I now get back to the bit where I map the columns again?

Hi @Kate

Using the “Other” option will give you the option to map the columns. If you’re not seeing this option, it’s likely the data is incorrect for a CSV file (as @Lurch suggested above) preventing the file from being read correctly.

If you can’t find the issue however, please let us know and we can take a look for you :slight_smile:

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