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Upload Banking Data "Other" add mapping to "notes"


The fields available per line for bank accounts include “notes” but the upload banking data using a non-specific bank “Other” only allows for mapping of three(+1) fields;

  • Transaction date
  • Description
  • Amount (+1 statement has two columns for money in and money out)

Can you give consideration to adding the option to map to “notes”, information that is useful to identify a transaction are provided but not as part of the description box and the uploading of this additional information provides better banking reports.

HSBC change to CSV Format (March 2019)
Upload Banking Data - HSBC file no longer works with Current Account

Thank you for the suggestion, in principle I can’t see a problem with this. I will escalate to the dev team and report back in due course.

The feature requests need to slot in with our current workloads so I can’t guarantee a response time… but we will take a look.