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Upload Banking Data "Other" add mapping to "notes"

The fields available per line for bank accounts include “notes” but the upload banking data using a non-specific bank “Other” only allows for mapping of three(+1) fields;

  • Transaction date
  • Description
  • Amount (+1 statement has two columns for money in and money out)

Can you give consideration to adding the option to map to “notes”, information that is useful to identify a transaction are provided but not as part of the description box and the uploading of this additional information provides better banking reports.

Thank you for the suggestion, in principle I can’t see a problem with this. I will escalate to the dev team and report back in due course.

The feature requests need to slot in with our current workloads so I can’t guarantee a response time… but we will take a look.

I think this is a great suggestion - eg amex include category and subcategory details - it would also be great to be able to customise link suggestions based on this too!

Hi @gigamac

You can add your vote for this request by clicking the “Vote” button at the top of the page.

Voie applied - thanks

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