Upload Documents to a client's own control panel

Is there a way of uploading a document that isn’t an invoice/estimate into a specific client’s control panel,such as a contract that has been scanned into my Document management section, so that they also have access to it through their Control Panel?

You mean via Dropbox?

Anything imported to Dropbox always lands in the Receipt Hub, you can then go into the detail screen and use the move dialogue to relocate it to a specific area in the document manager.

Hi, yes I’ve got that far but then I need it to show in a specific client’s login control panel. Can that be done?

OK so into an end-client control panel? This isn’t currently supported but may be considered when we allow documents to be associated to clients and suppliers. There’s an open feature regarding linking documents to clients/suppliers. This could be extended to make such documents visible to end user clients.


Yes that is what I’m looking to do.

It would be very useful if the developers could include it as a future development. Thanks

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