Upload invoice to purchase


I have bank feed as my primary way of picking up outgoings and incoming money.

From this I would like to upload proof of purchases for any goods or expenditures of the business. I know the receipt hub exists but this was trying to create a new purchase instead of just linking to a purchase created by the bank feed.

How do I do it :slight_smile:

The Receipt Hub scans for purchase invoices not bank transactions, so effectively as soon as you’ve tagged a purchase in the bank (thus creating a purchase invoice) you can return to the Receipt Hub and link the scan to the invoice record.

I think I was trying to do that. I’ll have another go tonight. Shall I scan a receipt in first and then link it. I think I did it by clicking on upload file and it then tried to create a totally new purchase


The way I work with one of my accounts is as follows.

  1. Upload receipts as and when they accumulate via CamScanner + Dropbox.
  2. The bank feed is then updated every 24 hours.
  3. Typically once per week (you can do it daily if you prefer) I will tag all the transactions that came in on the feed.
  4. Once the bank is fully tagged I go to the Receipt Hub and just link all the receipt scans to the purchase invoice records created from step 3.

Hope that helps, let me know if you get stuck at any stage.

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