Uploaded file name change defaults to stored copy

I have uploaded a file as an attachment to a purchase. After realising the document had an error I corrected this and saved the file locally with the same name. Then I deleted the attached file and uploaded the revised version from my local directory. Even though the file selection window shows that I have selected the revised version, when I upload and view the document from within QuickFile it is the old version. I am assuming that QuickFile still has the old version in the document store and is using that one as it has the same name rather than replacing it with the new version. Is this a bug?

Computers can make liars out of us. Having repeated this issue a number of times then entering the topic above, I have just viewed the document again and it is now the correct version???
Not sure what has changed. Maybe it is a cache issue.

As you say, most likely a caching issue, if you see this again let us know.