Uploading bank statement duplicate entries?


I have been entering my expenses daily and tagging them but now I have uploaded my bank statement to quickfile there are now duplicate entries. I am not sure if I should delete all the entries I manually created (although these have breakdowns of VAT in them) or is it better just to remove my bank statement (although this seems to mean deleting each bank transaction one by one)
Or is there a way to match the entries up? It did ask about one duplicate item when I uploaded the statement so I thought it would pick all the others out

thank you

Best is to remove bank statement entries and not upload bank feed if you are manually entering receipt and payments for tagging it

Yes, it’s best to delete the new untagged entries (uploaded from the bank). But you can use it to reconcile the statement so selectively delete those entries that you’ve already tagged and leave the others.

The other thing you can do to save reconciling the bank is not to mark anything as paid manually, upload the statement then you will be able to link the bank transactions to your invoices.