Uploading barclays bank statement not working

HI, I’ve been trying to upload my Barclays bank statement in several different formats (.csv, .qbo, and .ofx) and they are all giving me the same error message when I upload. “please check that the columns are correctly mapped”. I have tried using both the barclays and the other bank account categories in order to manually map but this still doesn’t seem to be working.
It’s a personal account not a business account, if this makes any difference.
Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer.

Hi @samcombellack

It may very well be the case that the personal banking exports are different to the business accounts ones.

Without seeing the file, it’s a bit tricky to tell what the issue is. But here are a few things to check. I would recommend using the .csv files as these are generally easier to view and edit.

  • Check for any blank lines at the end of the file - the system may be detecting this as an entry

  • Check for any stray commas. There may be a comma in there somewhere that shouldn’t be (e.g. on the last line, or at the end of a line).

  • A good test is to open the file in spreadsheet software such as Excel. Does it load all OK there?

Using the “Other” option may be the best one in this case as you can set the columns exactly as needed, especially when the file differs to the one we’re expecting.

Thank you for your quick response. It was very helpful.

I discovered when I opened the .csv in word that there were huge spaces between words in the description column. Removing these and uploading the statement via the ‘other’ category solved the problem.

thanks again.


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