Uploading client information

As part of the clubs Membership Management I wrote an online applications system, one of the final outputs of which is a .csv file exactly formatted to be directly imported by Quickfile.

I noted however that, even though the column headings for the input file match precisely the name and order that Quickfile expects, the fields still have to be manually mapped.

It would be very helpful if, where there is a ‘perfect match’ with the column headings, these could be auto-selected - 21 less clicks!

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There is no official order of columns, the example in the guide is just a random assortment. How often are you uploading client lists? Normally most users would only do this once, when they are setting up the software? Always interested to understand how different people are using the software.

Hi Glenn

We don’t use this just as a once only setup. Having said that, it is not used a great deal, only when we get new members applying.

To date, the club has been paper bound with almost everything it does. It could take weeks for a membership application to be processed and even then vital contact information was either missing or illegible.

So I wrote a workflow online system which gather and verified the essential information, including verification of a valid and deliverable e-mail address, as well as the part that involved approving an application for membership. One of the outcomes of the approval process is the CSV file which can be directly imported into Quickfile.

The outcome is a far more accurate membership database and where the members themselves have provided the data with zero transposition by administrators.

It means that from application to approval can now be reduced to minutes

I don’t see why we can’t just pre-select the mapping columns on the import. However, have you thought about using the API? This would remove all the friction involved in creating new clients, particularly if you’re already managing these on a separate system.

Client_Create API Method