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Does anyone know how I can upload my Co-Op bank statements onto QF? QF isn’t accepting the pdf or TXT that the Co Op offers. When I try upload them, QF says to upload a CSV/OFX/QBO/QIF which Co Op doesn’t have.

Thank you so much.

If co op doesn’t provide CSV then you have to convert your txt file into CSV on your laptop, using Excel or Libreoffice or similar

But I found this and they say they provide a CSV, have look

Hope this helps

Thank you for your help. I tried the link you sent but it would only let me download an XLS and not CSV. Thank you though.


This is what I do:

  • On the online banking side menu, click on “Search transactions”
  • Apply any search criteria you wish to apply (date ranges etc)
  • Once you’re happy, click on the “Apply search” button
  • At the top of the screen, you should see the “Download” button. Select the CSV option and the file should download.

This is slightly tricky, but once you’ve done it a couple of times, you’ll get used to it no problem.

Open the downloaded CSV file in a text editor (surprisingly for me doing it this way is a lot easier than doing it in Excel or a spreadsheet software package). The first two lines should look something like the following:

List of transactions,,,,,,,,,
Transactions List:,,,,,,,,,

Delete both of these lines, and make sure there are no empty lines at the top of the file.

Scroll to the bottom. You should see something like this:

Date and Time: ,,01/07/2022 7:55 PM,,,,,,Page 1 of, 1

Delete this line, and make sure that the last line of your text file is the last transaction you want to import. There shouldn’t be any blank lines etc.

Once you are done, go to QuickFile and select “Upload Statement”.

For the bank, I don’t select the Co-operative Bank from the list. I select “Other”, then I select the file I have just updated.

You will then be asked which columns the date, description and amounts come under.

The date comes under column 2 (the first column should be blank)
The description comes under column 6
The amount comes under column 7

Once you’re happy, click the “Confirm” button, and you should be able to upload your statement no problem.

I think I have covered everything, but let me know if you have any issues.

I do hope that the Co-op will become more flexible with their open banking, as this is obviously very “old school”.

Hope this helps.

Thank you so much for this. So so useful. It was going well to selecting ‘other’ on the Co-Op bank but then when I did that the Cop op bank said ‘you must upload a csv’. Do you save the TXT as a CSV? I then tried to do it on excel and managed to get it onto the Co Op Bank statement but then it said my columns haven’t matched up and most of the transactions haven’t loaded (despite seeing them on excel)? Ah! Any ideas? Thank you SO much. I am very grateful.

Hi, If you edit the downloaded file in Notepad you can do File → Save As then save it as filename.csv.

Once you are done you can go into QuickFile and follow the steps i have outlined. I never select the co-op bank in the drop down list when importing. I always like to do it manually.

Let me know if this helps.

Hi again,

Just to add to my previous responses, your downloaded file, once you’ve carried out the updates I outlined previously, should look something like this:

,Transaction date,Account Number,Bank reference,Type of payment,Customer reference,Amount (GBP),Additional Info,,
,04/07/2022,0812341234567800,REFERENCE1,Faster Payment,PAYER 1,100.0,12345612345678,,
,04/07/2022,0812341234567800,REFERENCE2,Faster Payment,PAYER 2,200.0,12345612345678,,
,04/07/2022,0812341234567800,PAYINGIN,Own Account Credit,COUNTER13:33 02JUL,100.0,,,

As previously advised, you can use something like Windows Notepad to convert the file format from TXT to CSV if required (just change the file extension at the end).

When you go to the “Upload Statement” screen, make sure it looks like this:


Then once you click the “Upload” button, your screen should look something like the following (data blanked out for obvious reasons):


Make sure you select the appropriate columns for transaction date, description and amount. For me, column 2 was the date, column 6 was the description and column 7 for the amount.

Once you are happy, click “Confirm”.

This should then complete without any issues.

Hope this gives you a bit more insight.

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