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hi, Im looking to start using an accounting software, I am a painter and decorator, and work for a lot of old folks who are not tech savvy. I need to be able to give them a written invoice from my duplicate book, then upload a copy later, can I do this in Quickfile?
In these instances I dont want to print it and post later, because most will pay me as I finish the job, before I leave. I need the flexibility, because sometimes there maybe ‘addons’, so preparing an invoice at home the night before is not going to work.
Is Quickfile for me??

Hi @ah1997

Of course - this shouldn’t be a problem.

You have 2 options:

  1. Duplicate the hand written invoice on QuickFile

  2. Bulk enter your sales

With the first one, you would be creating each individual customer and each invoice on QuickFile. This is a good way to do it if you want a digital copy of each sale, but can be time consuming if you have quite a few to enter.

The second option is to record them on a regular basis under a generic client, for example “Weekly Takings”, and record each week’s worth of sales as one invoice.

I’ve included a few links below that may help:

That’s fine, a lot of people in this kind of situation treat the handwritten book as the “master” record and just log one “invoice” per day or week in QuickFile against a dummy “cash sales” client or similar. There’s a KB article on accounting for retail sales that should explain things in more detail.

thanks. I like the idea of entering bulk sales once a week rather than single entries!

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