Uploading Other Bank Statement

Hi , is it possible to upload fnb bank statement it gives me an error message that says I need to mapp before save please assist.

And is it also possible to view reports in my currency instead of using the Pound?

Hi @Nikita_Shilubana

You should be able to upload any bank statement in a CSV format, and select “Other” as the bank type. This will then take you to a screen asking you to map the columns, providing it’s a valid CSV file.

This is the step where you say something like:

  • Column 1 is the date
  • Column 2 is the description
  • Column 3 is the money in/out


As QuickFile is designed for UK based companies, the base currency is fixed to GBP, and all reports are displayed in this currency. Unfortunately you’re not able to change this at the moment.

I hope that helps!

The mapping went well ,Thanks

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Hi Again

Is it possible to add my desired nominal codes ie Cost of Sales - Flights etc?

Of course. Please see this guide in our knowledge base:

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