Uploading statement error

Hi there I have uploaded a CSV file from our Elavon Merchant Services using Other. However some of the entries were uploaded and others not.
I isolated the missing entries to a new CSV and tried to upload this. However, I get the message " No Transactions Were Saved to Your Account
Please check that the columns in your CSV are correctly mapped."

Believe me, the date, description, and amount were mapped correctly.

I have made various attempts to fix the file to no avail.
Help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Peter_Hockenhull

Does the data look different to the ones that have been imported all OK? For example, are there any commas in the values that failed (if the successful ones didn’t)?

I suspect there’s something off with the data rather than the formatting which is causing the issue, so it may even be worth opening it in something like notepad to check it out.

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