Urgent bad debt help


Could do with help I am a nightmare, I have a client who we invoiced and did not pay all their outstanding invoices.

Basically it was agreed that we would account this as bad debt.

In the meantime I have had to make a change to the account, as they had made small balances that were not allocated to an old invoice.

I had to undo the bad debt and allocate the payments etc anyway its all due to the dates that I am not able change.

Really need help on this

Hi @Asmaa

We can certainly try and help in terms of using QuickFile, but any accounting or bookkeeping queries will need to be run past your own accountant or bookkeeper I’m afraid.

It’s worth noting that invoices have to be at least 6 months old before they can be marked as a bad debt in your account. At this point, a “Bad Debt” button will appear on the invoice itself and QuickFile will log this for you.

Yes it has been can I make this a private message

I would like to share the account details etc its not an accounting question

Basically I want to amend the date

What’s on the invoice at the moment preventing you from amending the date? For example, is it locked due to a VAT return or year end journal?

If you have cancelled the bad debt, the modify button should appear for you to amend the invoice date as normal, providing the invoice itself isn’t locked in another way.

Yes they are old but the date that I created the reversals are messy and you might be able to help once I have shown you

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