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Urgent Problems Submitting VAT Return


I am currently experiencing my current VAT return. I have used your service exactly the same way in the past without any problems however I now get an error. I have attached a screenshot please can you get back to me asap as I need to submit the return urgently.


Hi @Si2020

As the message suggests, under MTD rules, you’re not permitted to submit a return that consists of just adjustments.

If your VAT figures are coming from outside of QuickFile, you will need to use the VAT bridging module (see the link in the message itself), which does comply with MTD rules.

Hi Matt

They are not adjustments, I enter the data directly on the VAT return on your portal as I have done previously I don’t understand why your system is interpreting this as adjustments? I have done submission previously, in the same way, using your service so I can’t understand what has happen. Please can you enlighten me.



The only way to enter the data directly on a VAT return it as an adjustment:
This is classed as a “direct entry” of data, whereas there needs to be a digital link under MTD rules (e.g. by uploading a spreadsheet through the bridging module). This change was brought in to help users comply with these rules.

Where are your VAT figures coming from?

Thanks for the response from excel data

Perfect! In that case, you can use the bridging module and just upload your Excel spreadsheet. As the figures are from a digital file and not manually entered, the submission would comply with MTD.

There’s more information on how to use the bridging module, here: VAT Bridging

But if you do need any further help with this, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Thanks Matt I am currently doing this now however I noticed that the list of VAT obligations is no longer visible so there is no prepare now by the appropriate due date instead ther VAT bridging sheet is displayed which I am populating is that OK?

All done Matt, thanks for your help.

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